WKF opens participation of Refugee athletes in Karate 1 events

Following the decision of the WKF Executive Committee, Refugee athletes can now register to participate at Karate 1-Premier League and Karate 1-Series A events. The Refugee athletes will compete under the WKF flag and under the same conditions as their participation at the World Championships.

Refugee athletes have participated in Karate Senior World Championships since 2016. Brothers Mohammad and Mohannad Al Ali represented the Refugee squad in the 2016 World Championships in Linz, while Amir Khani and Wael Shueb formed the Refugee athletes at the 2018 World Championships in Madrid.

The last edition of Karate’s biggest event last year in Dubai had Hammon Derafshipour and Amir Khani as members of the Refugee Team.

Additionally, the Karate competition at the Olympic Games in Tokyo was highlighted by the participation of two refugees, being Karate one of the disciplines with greater representation of Refugee athletes at the Games. Hamoon Derafshipour and Wael Shueb were the karatekas who competed as members of the Olympic refugee team in Tokyo. 


The decision of the WKF Executive Committee completes the ratification of the decision-making body of the European Karate Federation. The EKF Executive Committee decided to allow the participation of Refugee athletes at the EKF Championships.

Following this resolution, one Refugee athlete per category will be granted participation at European Karate’s biggest event. Open to Senior and U21 divisions, Refugee athletes will compete under the EKF flag. It is the first time that Refugee athletes will participate as such at EKF’s events.  

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