Progress of Karate in China at Heart of High-Profile Meeting in Fujairah


The World Karate Federation (WKF) President, Antonio Espinós, engaged in a pivotal meeting with the President of the Chinese Karate Association (CKA), Zhang Zhi, during the Karate 1 Youth League event held in Fujairah, UAE. This encounter aimed at fostering collaboration and exploring opportunities to extend the progress of Karate in China even more.

The meeting, also attended by Asian Karate Federation (AKF) President and WKF Vice President Major General Nasser Alrazooqi, alongside AKF CEO Vincent Chen, provided a platform to discuss the progress of karate in China and strategize on potential areas of cooperation between the WKF, the AKF, and the CKA.

WKF President Antonio Espinós said:

«It was a pleasure to meet with President Zhang Zhi and engage in constructive discussions about the growth of karate in China. Our aim is to explore avenues for collaboration that will not only benefit the Chinese Karate Association but also contribute to the global development of our sport.»

“I would also like to express my appreciation to AKF President Major General Nasser Alrazooqi for facilitating this meeting. The continuous development of karate in China is of utmost importance to the WKF and the AKF, and we look forward to a prosperous collaboration.»

The discussions delved into various aspects, including reviewing the progress of karate in China, identifying potential collaborative projects to further enhance its development, and exploring possible future WKF events in China. Both parties expressed a shared commitment to nurturing the sport at the grassroots level and broadening its appeal across diverse communities.

(Picture: From left to right: CKA Foreign Affairs assistant Lin Jing, CKA President Zhang Zhi, AKF President Major General Nasser Alrazooqi, WKF President Antonio Espinós, and AKF CEO Vincent Chen)

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