Karate 1 Youth League Acapulco to open thrilling year of Karate

The Karate 1-Youth League Acapulco beings in one week. The event inaugurates the year of international Karate.


  • The 2022 Karate 1-Youth League Acapulco is the opening event of the season and the first out of the four tournaments of the year of the 2022 Karate 1-Youth League.
  • The Karate 1-Youth League is designed to become a platform for the development of youngsters in their quest to progress in the sport.


The event will take place in the idyllic city of Acapulco, on the Pacific Coast of Mexico.

  • The competition will be held at the Expo Mundo Imperial sports hall.


  • The tournament is scheduled for January 21 to 23.
  • The event begins on Friday, January 21 at 09:00 (local time) and is set to finish on Sunday, January 23 around 20.00 (local time).
  • Finals are scheduled for each of the three competition days.


  • Over 400 young athletes from 32 countries are registered to participate in the tournament.
  • Competitors from ages 12 to 17 will demonstrate the popularity of Karate among young ages during three days of competition.


  • Mexico host a big event of the sport for the first time since welcoming the Karate 1-Youth League in Monterrey in 2019. The city of Monterrey was set to organise a Karate 1 Youth League event in 2020 but it was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Karate 1-Youth League Acapulco will be the opportunity to see some of the future stars of the sport in action.

The event also offers the chance for National Federations to showcase the efficiency of their grassroots programmes as it gives youngsters the possibility of competing at the highest level.

After the competition in Mexico, the series of international events for youngsters will travel to Limassol (Cyprus), Porec (Croatia) and Venice (Italy).

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