Inspiring demonstration of values at Para-Karate World Championships (wkf)

The new Para-Karate World Champions were crowned today as the 2021 edition of the Para-Karate World Championships were held in Dubai (UAE).

The Para-Karate competition was an inspiring demonstration of abilities as well as an excellent showcase of the strength of the Karate Values.

Over 80 athletes from 21 countries had registered to participate in the 2021 Para-Karate World Championships. Included in the programme of the Karate World Senior Championships, the Para-Karate World Championships once again helped to foster understanding of disabilities. It also put the spotlight on individuals who have conquered great disadvantages to present impressive athletic performances.

Egypt topped the medal table of the Para-Karate World Championships after taking three gold medals. Olivia Kakosy of Hungary opened the gold medal count of the Para-Karate competition today as the Hungarian Para-Karate athlete defeated team-mate Petra Karpati in Intellectually Impaired Female K21.

As the inspiring event continued, defending champion Salma Alaaeldin Ebrahim of Egypt demonstrated her prevalence of the category as she kept the title in Intellectually Impaired Female K22. The Egyptian titleholder defeated Spain’s Maria Ester de Leon in the final of the category.

The Egyptian delegation continued their gold medal count as Ahmed Elbeltagy prevailed in Intellectually Impaired K22 following a tight victory over Italy’s Mattia Allesina.

Wrapping up the impressive performance of Egyptian Para-Karate athletes, Abdelaziz Abouelnaga kept his world crown in Wheelchair User Male K30 in an all-Egypt final. Current champion Abouelnaga beat team-mate Mohamed Allakany in the final.


Meanwhile, Spain’s Carlos Huertas became the World champion in Intellectually Impaired Male K21 after defeating Moustafa Hassan of Egypt in the final. It is the first World title for Huertas who took bronze in Madrid 2018.

It was not the only gold for powerhouse nation of Spain as Isabel Fernandez regained her World crown in Wheelchair User Female K30. The Spaniard who had taken the title at home in Spain in 2018 keeps the special World champion karategi with the golden embroidery after defeating Virgine Ballario of France.

The title in Blind/Visually Impaired K10 went to Anastasia Hayes of the United States who edged Paula Silva of Brazil, and Alexe Dorin of Romania following a tight victory over Nohan Dudon in the inspiring title-deciding bout of the category.

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