Future Karate Champions Shine Bright: Thrilling Conclusion to Karate 1 Youth League in Fujairah


The first Karate 1 – Youth League of the season concluded in Fujairah, UAE, with young karatekas from around the globe showcasing their talent and determination.

In the U14 Kata Female category, Anil Shariatpanahi of Armenia emerged victorious, defeating Sardari Yasna Talebizadeh of Iran with a score of 41.40 to 41.00. Meanwhile, in the U14 Kata Male division, Javoxir Djaxangirov of Uzbekistan clinched the title by outperforming Ibrahim Almulhim of Saudi Arabia with a score of 41.30 to 41.10.


Hana Belal Mahmoud of Egypt claimed the top spot in the U14 Kumite Female -42 kg category, securing victory over Joudy Elzoghby of Egypt with a score of 2-1. In the U14 Kumite Female -47 kg division, Ioana Balanescu of Romania emerged victorious after a closely contested match against Hanna Olschewski of Germany, by “Hantei” or decision (0-0)

Jessica Gasparova of Slovakia dominated the U14 Kumite Female -52 kg category, defeating Selda Meyen of Germany convincingly with a score of 9-0. In the U14 Kumite Female 52+ kg division, Fard Setayesh Ghaneei of Iran emerged victorious after a decision in her favour against Paula Panic of Croatia as the match ended scoreless 0-0


In the U14 Kumite Male +55 kg category, Al Qasim -Omari of Jordan secured the title by defeating David Bermanec of Croatia with a score of 4-0. Renat Stavarachi of Moldova triumphed in the U14 Kumite Male -40 kg category, defeating Dinassyl Ratjan of Kazakhstan with a score of 2-0.


Kamal Karim Amin Mohamed of Egypt emerged victorious in the U14 Kumite Male -45 kg category, defeating Giacomo Ferraris of Italy with a score of 6-4. Abdulwahab Alotaibi of Kuwait claimed the title in the U14 Kumite Male -50 kg category, edging out Khairy Amer of Egypt with a score of 5-4.


Youssef Ali of Egypt showcased his skill and determination in the U14 Kumite Male -55 kg category, emerging victorious over Abdelrahman Ghoneima of Egypt with a score of 10-4.


The event served as a testament to the dedication and talent of the young karatekas, who displayed exceptional skill and sporting spirit throughout the competition. As the curtains fall on the first Karate 1 – Youth League of the season, participants vie to continue their journey in the world of karate in the upcoming event, to be held in A Coruna (Spain) from May 16 to 19.





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