Egyptian karatekas prevail in Karate 1 Youth League Porec

The massive tournament gathered over 1800 youngsters from 52 countries and was a true celebration of the popularity of the sport in young ages.

No less than nine delegations went home with gold medals in Cadet categories, with Ukrainian representatives dominating the competition with two titles. Nazarii Prannychuk in Cadet Kumite Male -57kg and Dariia Bulai in Cadet Kumite Female +54kg took the crowns for Ukraine.

The list of gold medallists in cadet divisions was completed with Mai-Linh Bui of France in Cadet Kata Female, Nicolas Modi of Romania in Cadet Kata Male, Ili Hellen of Germany in Cadet Kumite Female -47kg, Jovana Damjanovic of Montenegro in Cadet Kumite Female -54kg, Alexandr Capmoale of Moldova in Cadet Kumite Male -52kg, Nurakhat Sattursyn of Kazakhstan in Cadet Kumite Male -63kg, Sven Strahija of Croatia in Cadet Kumite Male -70kg, and Omar Metwaly of Egypt in Cadet Kumite +70kg.

Meanwhile, the Junior division was dominated by Egypt with four golds. The African powerhouse nation of the sport prevailed in junior categories with the titles claimed by Aya Damany in Junior Kumite Female -53kg, Mahmoud Elhsn in Junior Kumite Male -68kg, Youssef Farag in Junior Kumite Male -76kg, and Omar Osman in Junior Kumite Male +76kg.

Hosts of Croatia also registered a deserving performance in Junior competition with two golds, which were taken by Nikolina Golombos in Junior Kumite Female +59kg, and Matija Nasteski in Junior Kumite Male -61kg.

The rest of the titles in Junior competition went to Isra Celo of Austria in Junior Kata Female, Anthony Vu of Sweden in Junior Kata Male, Emma Coletti of Italy in Junior Kumite Female -48kg, Emina Sipovic of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Junior Kumite Female -59kg, and Kirill Moskvichyov of Kazakhstan in Junior Kumite Male -55kg.

In U14 categories, the big winners were the representatives of Montenegro and France with two golds each. Sasa Petric in U14 Kata Male, and Una Rakovic in U14 Kumite Female -47kg were the gold medallists for Montenegro while Morgane Scarfone in U14 Kumite Female +47kg, and Lenny Malcoiffe in U14 Kumite Female +55kg took the titles for France.

Karatekas from another six countries went home with gold medals in U14 divisions. Tamara Lehner of Austria won the crown in U14 Kata Female, while Adrianna Meller of Poland in U14 Kumite Female -42kg, Andreas Konradowski of Belgium in U14 Kumite Male -40kg, Christian Dan of Italy in U14 Kumite Male -45kg, Filip Hornak of the Czech Republic in U14 Kumite Male -50kg, and Martin Kvasnica in U14 Junior Kumite Male -55kg complete the list of medallists in Kumite.

The Karate 1-Youth League moves now to Venice (Italy) where the final event of the year will be held from December 9 to 11.

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