All you need to know about Para-Karate at Virtus Global Games

Para-Karate will be making its debut at the Virtus Global Games to be held next week in Vichy (France). Here is all you need to know about the event:


  • The Virtus Global Games is the biggest international sports competition for elite athletes with intellectual impairment.
  • It is the sixth edition of the prestigious multi-sport event.
  • The last edition of the event was held in Brisbane (Australia) in 2019.
  • The sports programme of the 2023 Virtus Global Games comprises 12 sports and two demonstration disciplines.
  • It is the first time that Para-Karate is added to the sports programme of the event.
  • Para-Karate will be represented by karatekas of the category of athletes with Intellectual Impairments II1 and II2, in both male and female divisions.


  • The tournament takes place in Vichy (France).
  • The Para-Karate competition will be held at the Creps Double Hall – Omnisports Centre.
  • France host the event one year before welcoming the Paralympic Games in Paris 2024.  


  • The Virtus Global Games is held from June 4 to 10. The Para-Karate competition is scheduled for June 8.


  • A total of over 1,000 high-level athletes from 80 different countries are expected to participate in the event.
  • In the Para-Karate competition, national federations may register a maximum of three athletes per category to a total of 12 athletes.
  • The best Para-Karate athletes in the category are expected to travel to Vichy to participate in the event.


  • The event will be available by streaming on the Virtus platform. CLICK HERE to access the live-streaming of the event.
  • The results can be found on the microsite on and the official website of the event.


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