2021 European Championships move forward with inspection visit

EKF Organising Commission Chairman Esteban Perez visited Porec (Croatia) where the 56th European Karate Championships will take place in May. The inspection visit marks a highlight in the development of the event, as meetings with local officials were conducted to ensure the success of the anticipated tournament.

The 2021 European Championships are scheduled to be held in Porec (Croatia) from May 19 to 23, 2021. In order to take a step forward in the organisation of the event, the official inspection visit was conducted this week. Headed by EKF Organising Commission Chairman Esteban Perez, the visit aimed at reviewing the main managing aspects of the tournament.

The Croatian Karate Union and its President Davor Cipek led the visit which started with a meeting with all the heads of the different organisational areas in attendance. The EKF and CKU officials then examined the hotels as well as the venue of the EKF Congress while the competition and training halls were intensively reviewed. Special attention was put to ensure the safety of all the participants as the COVID-19 regulations to be implemented at the event were analysed.

All the different requirements of a first-class competition such as the European Karate Championships were evaluated, as the Karate representatives agreed on the perfect conditions in Porec to host the tournament.

“The cooperation of the Croatian Karate Union has been exceptional thus far and it shows the excellent organisational skills of top-level national federations such as the one headed by Davor Cipek. The EKF is grateful to the CKU for their support and I hope that ongoing efforts like this inspection visit result in a memorable championship next May,” said EKF and WKF President Antonio Espinós.

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