2022 UFAK Karate Championships to be held in Durban

The city of Durban in South Africa will host the 2022 UFAK Karate Championships from November 28 to December 4.

The best athletes in the continent are set to travel to Durban to compete in an event that gathers Senior, Cadet, Junior and U21 categories. The event will take place in the Olive Convention Centre in Durban.

As the tournament returns to the African East Coast after 15 years, the 2022 UFAK Championships in Durban is expected to continue the progress of the sport in the continent.

The last edition of the UFAK Championships was held in Egypt last year. The host nation topped the medal table of the event with 38 medals including 26 golds, followed by Algeria and Tunisia. Over 300 athletes from 23 countries participated in the event.

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