Para-Karate will be making its debut at the Virtus Global Games to be held next week in Vichy (France). Here is all you need to know about the event:


  • The Virtus Global Games is the biggest international sports competition for elite athletes with intellectual impairment.
  • It is the sixth edition of the prestigious multi-sport event.
  • The last edition of the event was held in Brisbane (Australia) in 2019.
  • The sports programme of the 2023 Virtus Global Games comprises 12 sports and two demonstration disciplines.
  • It is the first time that Para-Karate is added to the sports programme of the event.
  • Para-Karate will be represented by karatekas of the category of athletes with Intellectual Impairments II1 and II2, in both male and female divisions.

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The third Karate 1-Premier League event of the season will be held in Fukuoka (Japan) from June 9 to 11. A host of first-class Japanese karatekas will be hoping to use the home-ground factor in their favour to cause a sensation at the event.

“I hope the Karate 1-Premier League in Fukuoka will be a good opportunity for everyone to learn about the martial art of Karate, and that as many people as possible will be interested (in the sport) and start training Karate,” said Miho Miyahara.

The current World champion in Female Kumite -50kg spearheads the Japanese delegation in Female Kumite and aims at winning her sixth Karate 1-Premier League title.

“My goal is the gold medal!” said the current continental runner-up, who started practising Karate at age seven. Seguis leyendo Japanese karatekas hoping to win gold at home in #Karate1Fukuoka

La práctica marcial permite un desarrollo global del individuo, no sólo físico, sino también mental, para lograr el equilibrio.

Una de los beneficios que se “venden” en el mundo de las Artes Marciales Tradicionales es que con la práctica de las mismas se obtendrán una serie de valores que se verán reflejados en el comportamiento del practicante fuera del Dojo. Respeto, educación, honor, modestia, autoestima, integridad, disciplina, espíritu de sacrificio, compañerismo, tolerancia, humildad… son algunos de los mismos.

Abordamos, en esta ocasión, el concepto de la Humildad y su antagonista, el Ego


Es la virtud que consiste en el conocimiento de las propias limitaciones y debilidades y en obrar de acuerdo con este conocimiento. La humildad es una actitud relacionada con la virtud de la modestia.

  • El respeto mutuo crea una situación igualitaria entre los practicantes de un Dojo
  • La falta de humildad lleva a la soberbia, a la sensación de superioridad y, por tanto, a la falta de respeto. Debes recordar que no eres más que nadie


Karate’s biggest event will be held in Budapest (Hungary) from October 24 to 29, 2023. The 26th edition of the World Senior Championships to take place in Budapest will inaugurate a new era for the sport.

With the publication of the first official bulletin of the championships, the countdown for the event is officially on. The world of Karate sets its eyes in Budapest where the biggest event of the sport will be held later this year.

The magnificent Papp Laszlo Sports Arena in Budapest will host the 26th World Senior Championships. Hundreds of athletes from all over the world will travel to the capital of Hungary for Karate’s most anticipated event, where the new kings and queens of the sport will be crowned.

#KarateBudapest2023 aims to continue the success of the previous editions of the World Senior Championships. Karate’s biggest event was held in Dubai (UAE) in 2021 and previously travelled to Madrid (Spain) in 2018 and Linz (Austria) in 2016.



The 2023 Karate 1-Youth League Fujairah concluded Sunday with the younger categories taking the stage. Powerhouse nations of Kazakhstan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia topped the final medal table of the event.

The representatives of Kazakhstan completed an impressive tournament with six gold medals. Aimerde Maksat and Ruslan Yerkin added the final titles for the Kazakh delegation in U14 Kumite Female -42kg and U14 Kumite Male -40kg, respectively.

With a tally of five gold medals, karatekas from Egypt also performed at an excellent level. The last crown for the Egyptian delegation was taken by Saged Shahen in U14 Kumite Male +55kg.

After winning three golds in the previous days, Iran wrapped up a deserving performance in Fujairah with the title of U14 Kata Female by Sardari Yasna Talebzadeh. In U14 Kata Male the crown went to Javokhir Djakhngirov of Uzbekistan.

The Portuguese delegation also celebrated one more gold to add to their two previous titles as Leonor Goncalves claimed the crown in U14 Kumite Female -52kg, just as Belgium with a total of three golds including Yasmin Rejraji in U14 Kumite Female -47kg,

Rodrigo Garcia of Spain in U14 Kumite Male -50kg, Mariam Bsharat of Palestine in U14 Kumite Female +52kg, Filip Todorovic of Luxembourg in U14 Kumite Male -55kg, and Afgan Tarverdi of Azerbaijan in U14 Kumite Male -45kg completed the list of gold medallists in U14 divisions.

The Karate 1-Youth League travels now to A Coruna (Spain) where the second event of the season will take place from April 27 to 30.